SYM 026: Formula 1 Race Car Simulator

Enjoy the Emotion, Feel, and Adrenaline High Experienced by Professional Racing Drivers

We are proud to introduce the latest creation by Evotek Engineering srl, the Italian precision design firm.  Manufactured by Riker srl from an exclusive Evotek Engineering srl design, the SYM 026 is a dynamic professional platform installed on three rotation axes that allows the user to experience the dynamic of driving a high speed Formula 1 racing car with amazing realism.

First introduced at the 11th Euro Attraction Show (EAS) 2011, held in London, England in September 2011 where it was one of the main attractions for the many attendees, the SYM 026 is now introduced in the US, making its first appearance at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

Manufactured by Riker srl on an exclusive Evotek Engineering srl design, the SYM 026 is derived from the professional Formula 1 simulators used by professional racing teams which Evotek contributed to developing. In fact, the control system and type of hardware used, and the high precision mechanic implementation allow for incredibly realistic reactivity of the platform in terms of acceleration and precision of steering wheel movements, thus providing a truly amazing experience to users, who zoom virtually at very high speeds along real life professional racing circuits deployed on the three all-enveloping wide video screens.

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