Ocean Quest Laser Tag

Between reality and fantasy lies a zone where you can experience live-action, team oriented laser adventure in an ocean setting. Your senses will awaken as you enter the glowing black-light atmosphere where clouds of fog swirl, ocean creatures above your head and special lighting effects move to the energized music. You’ll feel the presence of other players all around you as everyone tries to score the most points for themselves and their teams. With red laser beams slicing through the air in search of targets, the game is non-stop fun and excitement.

Your mission is to score as many points as possible by deactivating other players and intelligent targets. Before starting your Ocean Quest, the Game Commander will explain the rules of play, the special effects you’ll encounter, and demonstrate how to use your equipment. You will be equipped with a high-tech, lightweight vest with electronic sensors on the front and back. Your vests’ colored, flashing lights identify you to your teammates and the opposing team. In your hand, you will be carrying a futuristic phaser.

You will score points by finding other players and tagging them with your laser light. Each accurate tag scores points for you while subtracting points from the other player. In addition, an accurate tag is felt by your opponent, deactivating them for a few seconds, as their vest vibrates. This gives you barely enough time to escape as you search for other targets including Base Stations of other teams. At the end of the game, our lobby score monitor posts all of the individual and team results from the game.

*Closed toe shoes are not required, however, shoes must be worn at all times.


Pricing Structure

Walk In
Per Game$8.00 per player 5 minutes rules/vesting time, 10minute game, 3 minute exit/closure of game 


Laser Tag

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