What To Do With Old Bowling Balls

Bowling balls come in various materials, colors, and shapes. They can be made of metal, plastic, rubber, or even wood. If you have an old bowling ball that you no longer use, there are plenty of options for what to do with it.

Reviving Your Old Bowling Ball

If you’re considering getting rid of your bowling ball because it seems damaged, think twice. A cracked ball may not be beyond repair; it could simply be showing signs of long-term use.

Bowling balls are made up of three main components: an outer shell, an inner core, and a filling material. The outer shell is usually made of polyurethane resin, while the inner core can be made of lead or tungsten carbide. The filling material varies depending on the type of ball, ranging from glass beads to sand or graphite.

Each component has its unique properties and requires proper maintenance. Bowling balls made of rubber tend to be less durable than those made of plastic. Composite balls, on the other hand, combine both materials to achieve a balance between durability and price.

As with any equipment, bowling balls undergo wear and tear over time. This can lead to their gradual deterioration, causing them to lose shape and become unusable. In such cases, replacing the ball may seem like the only option. 

However, instead of throwing away your old ball at the first sign of damage, consider repairing it. 

If you choose to continue using that damaged bowling ball, consider taking the ball to a bowling ball repair shop. The repair shop will easily restore your ball to its original condition as long as the ball you are using is in their production line. 

This is not only a cost-effective option but also an opportunity to give your old bowling ball a new lease on life. So before getting rid of them, consider restoring them and continuing to enjoy the sport.


Donating your old bowling ball is a great way to give it a new life and help others enjoy the sport. Here are some other options for donating your ball:

  • Give it to a local youth league or organization that offers free bowling lessons and equipment. Many organizations across the country help kids learn the game and offer free bowling lessons and equipment.
  • Ask family members if they know of any groups or individuals who would appreciate receiving a bowling ball as a gift.
  • Donate it to schools for use in sports teams or craft classes.
  • Consider retirement homes, where the balls can be used for arts and crafts activities for residents.
  • Look into donating to youth centers, which often have kids who enjoy playing games and may want their bowling ball.
  • Think about giving the ball to farmers or zoos, as animals can benefit from having stimulating objects to play with.
  • You can also donate to charity shops to help other people have a chance to have it.

These options ensure that your old bowling ball will continue to be used and enjoyed by others. Consider donating your bowling ball instead of just throwing it away whether it’s for recreational purposes, artistic activities, or animal enrichment, there are many ways to find a new home for your old ball.  Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also be reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Get creative

Transform your old bowling balls into eye-catching accent pieces for your home or outdoor space. Add a splash of color with paint and embellish them with flowers, glitter, or rhinestones for a unique touch.

You can create a stunning gazing ball that will add visual interest to any sunny spot using washers.

If you want to keep the ball safe from children, one effective solution is to use a sturdy chain link fence that securely holds the ball in place, preventing any accidental mishaps. 

A gazing ball strategically placed near your crops can also serve as an effective deterrent against birds, helping to safeguard your precious harvest. To transform any ordinary ball into a captivating gazing ball, all you need to do is cover it with reflective tape, creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching ornament for your garden or outdoor space.

But don’t limit yourself to just decorations – bowling balls can also be repurposed as practical items. Cut them in half and use them as edgers for your garden beds or around trees. Get creative with paint and patterns to make them stand out even more.

Transform your bowling balls into captivating outdoor decorations that require zero maintenance. Place them in vibrant containers and adorn your fenceposts by drilling out the thumb hole sliding them on and coloring them with some graffiti.

It’s even better when you can repurpose a large, heavy bowling ball into a vibrant and whimsical little bathtub for pigeons. With its smooth, curved edges and a splash of colorful paint, it becomes a cozy oasis for our feathered friends to enjoy a refreshing bath, creating a good experience for them.

Keep in reverse

When you have a spare ball with you, it can save your game if you miss an easy strike. Additionally, it can be used to switch lanes when your strikes are coming hard, allowing you to adapt to different oil patterns and increase your chances of hitting the pocket consistently.

If you want to take things slow and ease the pace of play, the spare ball comes in handy as well. Its smooth and controlled roll can help you control your ball speed and keep your shots on target, giving you more precision and control over your game.

So even if you don’t need all your bowling balls at the moment, it’s always a good idea to keep them in reserve.


Disposing of old bowling balls made from urethane and reactive resins can be a challenge. These materials are not easily recyclable, making it important to handle them properly. 

In most cases, recycling services will not accept them due to their composition.

To help keep the environment clean, make sure to contact your local recycling center for guidance on how to dispose of balls made from urethane and reactive resins. Taking the extra step can make a big difference in preserving our planet.  

If you come across an old ball made with these materials, don’t simply throw it away. Take the time to properly handle it for the sake of our environment.

Earn Some Extra Cash

Turn them into money by selling them! Online platforms like OfferUp, Craigslist, LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, GumTree, and Decluttr are great places to list your ball for sale. 

You can also try pawnshops in your area as they often buy a variety of items including jewelry, antiques, and electronics. 

Finding the right pawnshop may take some time as not all of them accept bowling balls. It’s worth visiting a few nearby shops to see if they are interested in buying your ball, you might even get lucky and find someone willing to pay extra for a unique item like a bowling ball.

 It’s important to consider various factors such as location, payment options, and customer service. 

The price you can sell your bowling ball for will also depend on its brand. High-end brands can range from $150 to $300, while others may start at around $50 and go up to $200. 

Therefore, you should carefully look up information about your bowling balls and their selling prices on the market before you sell them.


Cleaning Before Selling

Bowling balls are typically made of polyurethane resin, which is not water-soluble. To effectively clean your bowling ball before selling it, you will need to use a solvent. 

Solvents such as acetone, alcohol, methylene chloride, and ether can be used for this purpose. Alternatively, ammonia can also serve as a suitable solvent.Amazon.com : Zhanmai 2 Pack Bowling See Saws Washable Bowling Ball Polisher Bags Bowling Ball Cleaner Holder Bags Black Bowling Cleaner Towels for Bowling Ball Cleaning : Sports & Outdoors

However, it is crucial to test any solvent before using it on your bowling ball as using the wrong one can do more harm than good. Make sure to use a solvent that dissolves the material properly for best results.



If you have old bowling balls lying around, don’t just throw them away. There are many creative and practical ways to give them a new life.

You create a new purpose for them, not only are you contributing to the bowling community in general and everyone else in particular.

Use your creativity and research to create more ideas for old bowling balls that serve many purposes.

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