Basic Things You Should Know About Whirlyball

What Exactly Is Whirlyball?

Whirlyball, known as “the world’s only mechanized team sport,” combines the elements of Basketball, Hockey, and Jai-Alai, while riding an electrically powered machine called a WhirlyBug. Imagine a bumper car, but upgraded.

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The WhirlyBug is faster, stronger, and more agile, propelling you and your team down the court in an exhilarating five-on-five game.

A Unique Team Sport and Group Activity

WhirlyBall is not just a team sport, it’s the ultimate group activity.

Picture this: a spacious 4,000 sq. ft. playing court, buzzing with 10 WhirlyBugs – five red, five yellow – all in motion. Each player wields a Jai-Alai-style plastic scoop in one hand and a precise steering crank in the other. It’s a thrilling combination of skill, strategy, and sheer exhilaration.

A softball-sized whiffle ball is being tossed around on the court. Positioned at each end of the court are backboards with a 15-inch hole in the center, vertically suspended. Behind the hole, there is a swing gate that is equipped with a buzzer. This buzzer notifies the referee whenever a score is made.

During the game, the referee will provide a play-by-play commentary, keep track of the score, and enforce penalties when necessary. Before stepping onto the court, the referee will thoroughly explain the rules, provide a concise overview of the gameplay, and offer assistance throughout your time with us.

Exclusive Court Rental

When you rent a Whirlyball court, you’ll have exclusive access to a private party room throughout your booking. In addition, you can take advantage of our two fully stocked bars, extensive gaming midway, and our newly renovated lounge. The lounge boasts pool tables, flat panel TVs, cozy leather couches, and a full-service restaurant. Enjoy the thrilling action on the court or relax in style and comfort in our exceptional facilities.

Rules and Scoring

Rules and Instructions

Some rules and instructions to help everyone easily get acquainted with Whirlyball:

  1. Please fasten your safety belts.
  2. Stay inside the machine at all times, unless the referee instructs you otherwise.
  3. Do not use your DS to retrieve the ball unless it falls into your car.
  4. Playing on the court is only allowed while operating the cars.
  5. After each score, the opposing team takes possession of the ball.
  6. If a new ball is needed, the referee will throw it onto the court for the team that last touched it.
  7. A delay of game penalty will result in a one-point deduction if anyone on the scoring team touches the ball.
  8. Technical fouls will result in a two-point penalty for the first instance of referee harassment, four points for the second, and so on.
  9. Turnover occurs when your team has a player in the key while having control of the ball. The shot clock starts counting down, and you have five seconds to clear the key or turn over the ball. The count continues as long as your team maintains control.
  10. Turnover occurs if a player fails to pass within 20 seconds.
  11. Turnover occurs if a team fails to shoot within 30 seconds.
  12. A league team must have a minimum of four players to participate in a league game. If not, they must forfeit.
  13. All league substitutes must be listed and approved on your registration sheet before the start of the league. No other alternates will be allowed to substitute for regular players unless approved by management one week in advance.


There are two methods of earning points in the game. The first is by successfully making a shot, which is worth two points.

The second method involves obtaining penalty points that are assigned to the opposing team. It is important to note that in all cases, the team that did not commit the penalty is the one awarded the penalty points. It is worth mentioning that play does not come to a halt in these situations.

Penalty Points in Whirlybug: Excessive Speed, Contact, and More

  1. Collisions caused by excessive speed will result in a four-point penalty. The penalty will be assigned to the person deemed most responsible for the collision, based on the referee’s judgment.
  2. A four-point penalty will be incurred for using hands or feet to push against an opponent’s Whirlybug.
  3. A two-point penalty will be incurred for making contact with the opponent’s body using a scoop.
  4. A two-point penalty will be incurred if you make contact with the ball using your hands unless it becomes trapped inside your scoop, or if it descends into your Whirlybug.
  5. A two-point penalty is incurred for goaltending, which refers to the act of rising from your seat to block a shot, thereby leaving your seat. It is imperative to ensure that your seat belt is securely fastened at all times.
  6. A penalty of two points will be incurred for striking the opponent’s scoop.
  7. A two-point penalty is incurred for attempting to dislodge the ball while it is securely held by the opponent’s scoop, either on the floor or against the side of their Whirlybug.

The referee is stationed in an elevated booth, entrusted with the duties of keeping score and making penalty calls. Their decisions carry the utmost authority.

When it comes to head-on collisions and direct collisions from behind, the referee exercises their judgment to ascertain the level of responsibility for each occurrence. Additionally, the referee determines which team last made contact with the ball, if a new ball is required.



The court features two backboards, one for yellow WhirlyBugs and another for red WhirlyBugs. Players in yellow aim for the yellow backboard while players in red target the red backboard.

A shot known as a “whirling” earns two points if taken from within half-court and three points if taken from beyond half-court. To score, players must hit the electronic sensor located behind the net with the wiffleball, triggering the buzzer. Penalty points are assigned for rule violations.


Take hold of this specially designed scoop, skillfully pick up the ball, and with a swift motion, launch it across the field to your eager teammates.

Work together, strategize, and aim to score, as you revel in the joy and excitement of the game.


To play, we use a whiffle ball – a lightweight, perforated plastic ball that is designed to be safer and easier to hit. It’s a popular choice for casual games in backyards and parks, offering a fun and exciting experience for players of all ages. So, grab your whiffle ball and get ready for a thrilling game that combines skill, strategy, and endless entertainment!


Fortunately, all WhirlyBall centers come conveniently equipped with their own WhirlyBugs™, futuristic bumper cars that combine the thrill of go-karting with the excitement of basketball, all in one exhilarating game. So, you can leave yours at home and dive right into the action-packed fun without any worries.


Is it necessary for us to purchase a package or can we simply reserve court time?

We offer court rentals at hourly rates for your convenience. Our bar is open for cash bar services, and we also provide a limited selection of food items if not preordered for your event. Please note that there may be specific restrictions for December. To learn more details, we kindly ask you to speak with our event coordinator.

Are we allowed to bring our food and beverages?

Outside beverages are strictly prohibited. Only store or bakery-purchased desserts are allowed. Unfortunately, home-baked goods are not permitted. Acceptable options include cookies, cake, cupcakes, candy, ice cream, and fruit. Please remember to bring your serving supplies such as plates, forks, napkins, candles, and a knife.

What is the minimum age requirement for participation?

To ensure inclusivity, we have established a height requirement instead of an age restriction. Participants in Whirlyball must meet a minimum height of 54″. For those who are unable to meet this requirement, we provide a dedicated gaming area where they can still enjoy the action. Additionally, we have a booth where they can observe and remain engaged with the experience.

Can I get a refund of my deposit if I have to cancel my reservation?

Refunds for deposits are contingent upon our ability to resell your canceled time to another interested party.

How early should we arrive for our scheduled court time?

We suggest inviting your guests to arrive 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time. This allows them to unwind, grab a drink, and fully enjoy the game from the moment it begins. Please note that Whirlyball cannot accommodate late arrivals or extend court time due to tardiness.

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