Professional Bowling Tips Straight from the Experts

Bowling is an enjoyable pastime embraced by many. This highly social sport provides an opportunity to bond with loved ones.

A few individuals consistently demonstrate exceptional potential in the sport and go on to achieve outstanding performance.

During the 1960s and 1970s, bowling saw a remarkable surge in popularity, with bowling alleys becoming vibrant social hubs where families and friends gathered to enjoy the sport. This era, often referred to as the ‘golden age’ of bowling, captured the essence of community bonding and friendly competition, making it a cherished pastime for many.

Throughout this era, television broadcasts featured a variety of bowling tournaments, with leading players raking in millions from lucrative sponsorship agreements and prize winnings.

Although the popularity of professional bowling has waned, seasoned pros continue to offer valuable advice to aspiring bowlers looking to go pro.

This article will provide insights from professional bowlers to help you enhance your skills and elevate your performance in the sport!

Finding Your Ideal Bowling Ball

Choosing the right bowling ball might just be the heaviest decision you make in the alley. The weight of the ball is crucial, and often, beginners opt for one that’s too heavy, leading to strained muscles and an inconsistent throw. Professional bowlers suggest selecting a ball that’s about 10 percent of your body weight – a solid rule of thumb for maintaining control and power without compromising your form.

The material also plays a role; polyester or plastic balls are great for straight shooters, while reactive resin or urethane balls offer more hook potential for those perfecting the curve. Grip pressure is equally vital – it should be firm but relaxed, allowing for a smooth release without the risk of a wayward fold at the crucial moment.


The key thing that needs to be on point in bowling is your concentration. This means that anything bothering you in your head needs to be put aside when you’re standing in that lane.

If you lose concentration, it can mess up your aim, swing, approach, and lot! Therefore, take a few deep breaths before approaching, and focus on the game.

Keep Your Shoulders Square

Maintain square shoulders for consistent deliveries. Dropping one shoulder may affect your swing and the ball’s direction. Rushing your approach can cause this shoulder drop.

To avoid this, maintain a moderate pace in your approach and pay attention to your shoulder positioning.

Your Arm Must Stay Straight And Close To Your Body

Ensure to maintain a straight arm close to your body. Avoid bending or swinging it away, as this can compromise your form and accuracy in directing the ball.

For an increased lift in your throw, a slight bend at the elbow is acceptable. However, excessive bending can disrupt the ball’s trajectory. Remember, a straight arm provides better control and power in your throw.

When approaching the foul line, keep your elbow close to your body and maintain a consistent angle throughout the swing. This will help you to stay on target and produce a smooth release without any erratic movements.

Keeping your elbow close to your body and angled towards the lane will help maintain the correct form.

Keep Your Back Straight

Bending your back involuntarily is a common pitfall when lowering a 15-pound ball. Be cautious of this automatic response.

Maintaining a straight back not only enhances your delivery but also reduces the risk of injury. To keep your back straight, be sure to stretch and warm up before heading to the lanes.

Additional tips for keeping a straight back include engaging your core muscles and making sure your shoulders are relaxed. Remember, proper form is essential in bowling and can make all the difference in your performance.

Bend Your Knee

Maintaining a bent knee throughout will significantly enhance your performance. It might be tempting to initiate your slide with a bent knee and then straighten up as you release the ball.

Opting for a greater lift may be tempting, yet maintaining a lower stance can generate more force. Remember this technique for achieving higher scores.

Slide Straight

Maintaining your balance is essential for releasing your bowling ball effectively. Losing your footing right before a good throw can throw off your balance, which is the last thing you want.

To maintain balance, ensure that your approach and slide are perpendicular to the foul line. This alignment must be upheld consistently.

Follow Through

Following through in basketball pertains to the actions of your arm post-ball release. It is crucial to maintain the proximity of your arm to your head, ensuring your thumb points over your shoulder.

When your arm settles in this position post-release, it indicates you’ve exerted the perfect amount of force while letting go of the ball.

Hold That Pose

Before releasing the ball, concentrate on a specific target. Maintain the stance until you feel completely at ease and have aligned your aim accurately, then proceed to release.


While it may sound cliché, consistent practice truly leads to perfection. Mastery is hard to achieve with sporadic efforts. If you aspire to enhance your skills, make regular visits to the nearest bowling alley with a friend.

Seek feedback from your friend on your approach, swing, or any aspect, and actively incorporate that feedback every time!

If you enjoy working alone, consider recording yourself and reviewing the footage to enhance any areas you identify!

Have Fun

The essence of bowling lies in enjoying the experience. It serves as an ideal activity to engage in with loved ones, be it with friends or family. Gather your favorites, and let the fun roll!


Whether you aspire to go pro in the world of bowling or simply aim to enhance your technique for a fun hobby, the following tips are tailored to assist you in achieving your bowling goals. These insightful recommendations, carefully curated by professionals in the field, are not only easy to remember but are also proven to be effective in refining your skills on the lanes. We genuinely believe that by incorporating these tips into your practice routine, you will notice significant improvements in your bowling prowess, regardless of your current skill level or aspirations within the sport.