Two-Handed Bowling: Is it Legal and What are the Advantages?

Want to spice up your bowling game? Curious about a legal yet innovative way to improve your skills? Introducing two-handed bowling – a technique that’s not only legit but also comes with loads of benefits. Get ready as we reveal the secrets and advantages of this fascinating style in the bowling alley!

What Is Two-Handed Bowling?

Two-handed bowling is a newer technique where both hands are used to deliver the ball down the lane. Unlike the traditional one-handed swing, the bowler supports the ball with their non-dominant hand for better control, power, and hook potential. This style has gained popularity, especially among top professional players.

Is Two-Handed Bowling Legal?

Yes, two-handed bowling is perfectly legal according to the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) regulations. The USBC rules specify that a delivery is deemed legal as long as it is made with one or both hands.

Can a Beginner Use a Two-Handed Bowling Style?

Absolutely! Two-handed bowling can be a great style to learn as a beginner. While it might seem a bit challenging initially, with consistent practice, beginners can achieve a better hook and power in their throws.

Why Use a Two-Handed Bowling Style?

Opting for a two-handed bowling style can offer a myriad of benefits.

Enhances control over the bowling ball: This technique provides a more balanced swing, reducing the likelihood of off-center throws.

Increases the throw’s power: Enabling the ball to strike with more force, and increasing the chance of knocking down more pins.

Significantly increased hook potential: This expanded hook can lead to a better angle of entry into the pocket, leading to higher strike potential.

Wrist issues/Weaker arm strength: for those struggling with that, two-handed bowling can be a game-changer, offering them an effective way to play without straining themselves.

The Pros and Cons of Two-Handed Bowling


Increases power, and provides a greater hook potential, making it an attractive choice for many.

Improves control over the ball’s trajectory. Using both hands reduces mistakes and increases shot accuracy.


Due to the increased speed and hook, precision can be harder to achieve, and it may take significant practice to master.

Not recommended for individuals with shoulder or back issues due to the requirement of full body rotation. Evaluate your physical capabilities and comfort level before adopting this bowling style.

How to Play and Improve Two-Handed Bowling Style?

Learning to bowl two-handed may seem daunting at first, but with consistent practice and the right approach, you can master this style.

  1. Positioning the Ball: Hold the ball with both hands. Your dominant hand should be underneath, providing most of the lift, while your non-dominant hand supports from the side or top.
  2. Approach and Swing: Start your approach normally, keeping both hands on the ball until the downswing for better control and increased speed.
  3. Release and Follow-through: Use your dominant hand for the release, allowing your non-dominant hand to naturally fall away. Follow through with your dominant hand, using your fingers to achieve the desired spin for a greater hook.
  4. Practice: Regular practice is key to perfecting your technique, timing, and coordination.

Tips to Improve Two-Handed Bowling Skills

  1. Professional Coaching: Get lessons from a pro bowling coach for tailored advice based on your skill level and style. They’ll help you master the nuances of two-handed bowling and fix any form errors.
  2. Strength Training: Two-handed bowling requires arm and core strength. Add strength exercises to your routine to build the necessary muscle and endurance.
  3. Use Proper Equipment: The right bowling ball is crucial for two-handed bowling. Make sure it’s the correct weight and has the right surface friction for the desired spin and hook.

Final Thoughts

Two-handed bowling is a legal and efficient technique to enhance your bowling game. It not only increases power and control but also amplifies the hook potential, broadening your scoring opportunities. While it may require practice and physical endurance, the benefits it brings to the table make it worth the effort. So, step into the alley, adopt this innovative style, and witness a remarkable improvement in your performance.



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