Why and How Are Bowling Balls Scented: An Unusual Quirk in Bowling Culture

You might be wondering, SCENTED BOWLING BALL? Seriously? Well, you’re not alone. This unique aspect of bowling culture often raises eyebrows. Curious about the origins of this distinctive bowling trend? Get ready as we explore this captivating aspect of how and why are bowling balls scented – that adds an unexpected twist to the player’s experience.

Why Are Bowling Balls Scented

In the late 1990s, a prominent bowling ball manufacturer – Storm had a lot of complaints about the balls having an unpleasant smell. Instead of trying to eliminate the smell, Storm decided to mask it. They started injecting scents like citrus, apple, and cinnamon into the balls during production.

Are All Bowling Balls Scented?

Not all bowling balls are scented. Infusing fragrances into bowling balls is an innovation unique to the Storm brand. While many bowlers enjoy the quirky novelty of scented balls, other manufacturers have chosen to stick with the traditional, unscented formula.

lanes of scented bowling balls

Is it Important to Scent the Bowling Ball?

Well, it turns out that scenting a bowling ball doesn’t really contribute to the performance of the ball.

However, these scents have become a fun and quirky trademark of Storm’s bowling balls. Some bowlers have even developed a preference for particular scents! Although it might not help your game, it certainly adds to the unique bowling culture.

The Scent Make You Want to Play More

The Scent enhances your bowling experience, adding a fun and novel aspect to the game. The variety of fragrances available can spark enthusiasm and interest, making bowlers curious to try different balls to discover their favorite scent.

The Scent Improve Your Performance

The familiar scent can trigger a sense of comfort and confidence in the bowler, possibly leading to improved concentration and better scores. It’s like having a lucky charm. The scent is just another way to personalize the bowling experience and make it more enjoyable. This is the reason why tons of scent varieties exist in Storm Bowling’s list of products.

Common and Unusual Scents

Commonly used scents in bowling balls

Fruity fragrances such as Apple, Grape, Cherry, Cinnamon, and Jasmine are among the most popular scents used in bowling alleys.

Additionally, Vanilla, Chocolate, and unique combinations like Blackberry Cobbler or Birthday Cake are also available to further enhance the olfactory experience. The wide range of fragrances aims to offer bowlers diverse sensory experiences, enhancing their enjoyment of the game.

kids with colorful bowling balls

Unusual and Unique Scents That Have Been Used in Bowling Balls

The most unusual scent that comes to mind is Bacon, which adds a sizzling twist to the game. On the other hand, Garlic is definitely not a scent you would anticipate encountering in a bowling alley!

The Pumpkin Spice scent captures the essence of autumn and has been especially popular around Halloween. Some brands have even gone so far as to create holiday-themed fragrances, such as Christmas Cookie or Candy Cane, adding a festive touch to bowling games during the holiday season.

How Long Can Scented Bowling Balls Last?

Scented bowling balls can provide an enjoyable sensory experience for several months to a year, depending on the frequency of use and storage conditions. Over time, however, the fragrance will start to fade. Nonetheless, the scent of the ball can be revived to a certain extent with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Tips to Keep Your Bowling Ball From Smelling Bad

Even though scented bowling balls can give off pleasant fragrances, over time and with regular use, they can also start to develop an unpleasant odor. Here’s a quick tip to keep your bowling ball smelling fresh:

Clean your ball regularly with a bowling ball cleaner

This not only helps to maintain the ball’s performance, but a clean surface can also help to revive the ball’s original scent, leaving your bowling ball smelling as good as new.

Store in a cool dry place

It could be a closet, a cupboard, or even a specially designed-bowling bag. By caring for your bowling ball properly, you ensure its longevity and keep the distinct scent fresh for as long as possible.

a person smelling a bowling ball

The Price Between Scented and Unscented Bowling Balls

When comparing the prices of scented and unscented bowling balls, it’s interesting to note that the cost doesn’t differ significantly based on the presence of a scent.

Both types of balls come in a wide range of prices, largely determined by factors such as brand, quality of materials, and design. However, scented bowling balls, specifically those from the Storm brand, might carry a slight premium due to their unique scented feature, which adds to the overall bowling experience.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – the fun, quirky, and unexpectedly fragrant world of scented bowling balls! While it might not give you an edge in your game, the luring scent of apple, cinnamon, or even bacon, adds an interesting layer to your bowling experience. Whether you’re a fan of the fruity fragrances or prefer the holiday-themed scents, remember, it’s all part of the game’s unique charm. Bowl on, and enjoy the unexpected pleasure of the olfactory delight!